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It’s no surprise that video has become more prevalent and critical in how we communicate, not only in our social lives but also at work. We know that video is 10x more memorable than text and delivers a more human, personalized touch — making it the preferred medium for employees to consume content. It brings teams closer together and makes collaborating easier and more fun.

But despite all of the video tools we’re using to connect a distributed and often global workforce, these tools don’t holistically solve the needs of today’s workplace. Teams are using numerous video conferencing platforms and screen recording tools in a very disjointed way. While video has become ubiquitous, it hasn’t become strategic.

In this guide, we're introducing a new approach to the video-first workplace. We'll pinpoint the most common collaboration, productivity, and engagement hurdles employees face in their day-to-day life as well as how to use a secure, centralized, and AI-powered video hub to solve them. At the end of this guide, every organization and employee should feel empowered to use video in more effective ways and unlock its full potential.

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