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Welcome to the Vimeo Enterprise Technical Toolkit. We’re going to dig into some specialized topics shortly, but first, let’s level set on why we’re here.

The most powerful force in business is not buried in the code of a high-end productivity platform, or the pages of a workplace collaboration bestseller. It’s human connection — plain and simple.

Human connection builds relationships, improves understanding, and boosts communication within any business. Yet today’s companies are facing new demands from distributed and hybrid workforces, presenting new challenges to foster that sense of connection virtually.

The best way to break through the noise to capture and retain the attention of your employees and customers? Video. Don’t take our word for it, though, research shows that video can support every team at your organization (check out some stats below). And while video is a critical component of any organization’s communications toolkit, the protection and privacy practices of such a service cannot be overlooked. From meeting compliance requirements, to permissioning for individual employees at scale, to industrystandard access and authorization workflows, Vimeo Enterprise offers ample ways to keep your proprietary information and content safe, guarded, and out of harm’s way.

Every day, the Vimeo platform provides a best-in-class video experience to over 200 million users. Because we operate at such a large scale, we strictly adhere to industry best practices to ensure we maintain the integrity of our product, are resilient to errors, and remain responsive to our users’ needs. 

This guide will offer details of how Vimeo Enterprise supports businesses with its secure functionality and privacy measures. Let’s dive in.

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